Hi! My name is Siena. I'm currently an online nutrition student, a new blogger and a plant-based food enthusiast. I have a deep passion for nutrition and its natural ways of healing.

Growing up, I ate a lot of junk and animal products. As I got into my late teens I started to notice negative effects from the food I was consuming regularly. I was feeling sluggish, constantly breaking out with facial acne and had very low energy after most meals.

Nutrition became a growing interest of mine. I began reading books and watching documentaries on plant-based eating and the benefits it has, not only on our health, but the planet and the well-being of billions of animals. I now eat a plant-based, vegan diet for which I'm constantly trying new and fun recipes.

I want to connect with those just as passionate about the powers of eating plants, as I continue to learn myself.

With my blog, Nutrition degree, love for food and connection with you I plan to help redefine the world of nutrition!


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