5 Black-Owned Vegan and Cruelty-Free Businesses you can support NOW!

In celebration of Juneteenth, I've put together a list of 5, out of the MANY, inspiring black-owned vegan, cruelty-free businesses you can support online right now!

From skin care to merchandise to incredible food, here is a quick list for you to support some extraordinary black-owned businesses in the plant-based world:

1. The Slutty Vegan

Starting off with a famous full-vegan burger joint that has brought all of our vegan dreams to life: The Slutty Vegan. Founded by Pinky Cole, this bomb-burger shop offers food truck bookings, catering, AND they sell some cool merchandise you can order straight from their website!

2. Nola Skinsentials

A handcrafted, natural, plant-based and cruelty-free brand that caters to all skin types!

Nola Skinsentials was founded by Jane Ormon, who was driven to start this business by her own acne struggles and need for a brand that worked for her skin. This brand not only carries products for a variety of skin types, but also:

  • For both women and men

  • Full body treatment

  • Provides a Skin Quiz to help you find the best products to care for your skin!

3. Fineapple Vegan

Fineapple Vegan (AKA Brittanie) is known for her famous Liquid Gold Cheese Sauce and fun Youtube channel with recipes, reviews and ALL things vegan.

Brittanie's mission with Fineapple Vegan is to promote the benefits of a plant-powered lifestyle AND to show the mouth-watering meals you can create cruelty-free. She's inspiring, very fun to watch and her recipes are amazing. Whether you live a vegan lifestyle or not, I encourage you to checkout her channel-you'll thank me later.

P.S. There are some awesome T-shirts on the website too!

4. Super Juiced

Founded in 2012 by two black women of the LGBTQ community, this organic juice shop promotes healthy living and sells seasonal, natural, 100% plant-based smoothies, juices, milks and bowls (YUM)!

Super Juiced recently collaborated with Sunset Magazine to share an amazing at-home recipe for a delicious, anti-inflammatory Golden Milk. Check out their social platforms and get inspired to nourish your body ASAP!

5. Kaike

Craving a #pieceofkaike skincare routine? Try this plant-based skincare brand that offers products for all skin types, that smell like a sweet treat AND taste like one! All products are preservative-free and contain natural ingredient lists that, yes, can even be tasted.

Kaike was founded by Keli Smith in 2015, with the mission to make skincare fun and easy! The website is super cute and affordable.

I hope you enjoyed this short list of recommendations! Join me in honor of Juneteenth and the Black Lives Matter movement, by doing what you can right now to #supportblackbusinesses.

Going further with your support:

  • Have you registered to vote yet?

  • Donate to the Black Lives Matter movement

  • Donate to NAACP

  • Donate to other organizations

  • Consistently support black-owned businesses (you can easily find hundreds more on Google!)

  • Do your research on Black History

  • Attend and assist with local events, protests and organizations

  • Continue to educate yourself

Thank you for reading. Sending love to you all. Stay safe; stay strong.


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